Hold That Style with Hair Scrunchies and Ponytail Holders!


We have had scrunchies and hair ties as early as the time we had our first ponytails. And we would never be too old to have them. So, you better get your desired knots and buns in the bag anytime, anywhere with our Hair Scrunchies and Ponytail Holders. 

First up on our collection are the Small Hair Ties in clear, black, grey and gold. These coil hair ties are simple, elegant and totally efficient in keeping your hair in a ponytail, a bun or a top knot. With these ties, you can let your hair up in place, your ponytail beautifully hanging down, while keeping combed hair looking neat and tight. No creases and no gripping feel at all! 


A Small Coil Hair Tie is so comfortable to wear.  It doesn’t snag or pull on your hair, so it doesn’t cause damage or breakage.  Gently pull it off your bun or ponytail and the coil tie will slip off easily. Now you can take your ponytail hairstyle to the next level!

Next up are your sparkling Pearl Hair Ties. They come in black, cream and bronze, just the lovely colors for those little pearls! And they’re just the right pick to accessorize your ponytail or knot with a dash of elegance and class. 




The Plaid Scrunchies are another classic hair ties but this time, they come to you in modern, chic designs. Check out these color combinations: red with green, gold with light blue, gold with green and blue with gold. You can certainly go anywhere with these plaid scrunchies! 

And don’t you just love the feel of satin? Our Satin Scrunchies in brown, caramel, gold and black will surely complete the classy look for your knots and buns. They’re simple, classy, and elegant. But hey! Here are more holders that your hair would also love, the Velvet Scrunchies! It’s the soft, velvety feel of the scrunchies that smoothly holds your strands in place and slips as smoothly, too, when you’re letting your hair down.  Get them in popping colors of grey, dark blue, brown, red, and wine red. Check out the Crème Scrunchie, too. It’s a different feel, a different vibe for your hairstyle.




But there’s more in this bunch, and soon, you would surely be checking out our Rabbit Ears. Here’s how you add an extra style to your buns and ponytails. We posted these lovely pieces that would certainly add extra cuteness, and more chic and colors to your hairstyle. Have your pick among the beautiful hues and patterns. And no, we’re not done yet! If you love scarfs, then the Scrunchie Scarfs are just for you. They belong to your list of styling accessories because they come in these bold satin colors like red, olive green and mustard yellow.


So, be it braided, wavy, curly, twisted. If you love ponytails in different styles, then neatly hold your hair in a bunch with these lovely and fashionable Scrunchies and Ponytail Holders.