Claw Clips and Styling On the Go!

It’s one of the fastest way to get a hairstyle done! Clip that bunch of hair in place and strut that ‘I’m pretty because I don’t have much time to get my hair done’ look! So sassy. But make it look sassier and prettier with our latest Claw Clips collection. 

These claw holders make clipping your hair so effortless. Thanks to their simple but sturdy press mechanism.  They can make almost all kinds of hairstyle for you. Whether your hair is fine and glossy, layered long or short, thick and textured, these clips will easily work for you. Have them handy when doing half-up, half-down, or simply pulling your mane back in a neat knot or bun. You can even have fun with multi-layered or multi-clip hairdo. You can also put your bangs and those stubborn little strands in place with these clips while doing the grand styling. Claw clips are simply your reliable, versatile hair necessity.

Another thing: Claw Clips don’t go against your curls, bite on your hair, or leave it visibly bent as many ties and holders do. So hold your hair easily in your desired styles with less the worries of breakage or some unsightly dent after a ponytail. 

Now, what do we have in our collection? You will surely have styling fun with our glossy, matte, oval pearls and square claw clips. 

Let’s start with our cute and glossy Claw Clips. They are shaped a bit round, which makes them suitable for fine and smooth hair textures. They can hold those slippery strands in place and provide just the right grip for your hair. You can choose from our black, bronze, yellow, and dark gray claw clips. But if you like your holders in a matte finish, we have them in olive green and red. 

You can also have the same feel from our oval-shaped claw clips. 

Our Oval Claw Clips can hold more hair and definitely hold them high up and tight for a long time without discomfort. They range from lovely pastel colors – light pink, bold pink, pastel pink, and tan – to stronger hues of olive green, orange, dark blue, and black. You’ll definitely love to accentuate your outfit and get-ups with these colors!  

But if you fancy pearls and stones on your claw clips, we’ve got the right ones for you! Our Oval Pearl and Fancy Claw Clips are studded with these rounded, sparkling beauties that give you a bolder and classier hold on your hairstyle. Choose among our two pearly varieties and among our champagne, brown, blue, and grey fancy claw clips. 

Next, if you go for gold, then you should also have our Gold Claw Clips. See the five chic and slender designs that spell uniqueness and class. And we say they’re not the designs you would see every day! 

Lastly, we have Square Claw Clips in decorated resin that flaunt popping artistic designs! Check out frost, light leopard, and dark leopard designs among the choices. 

Get your claw clips now and get a pretty hairdo even while on the go!