It’s Twice the Charm with Mommy and Me Sets!


Today, put on something that’s twice the charm and twice the prettiness! Our Breeeazy Loveshop’s Mommy and Me collection is a sure way for you to glam up with your little girl and make every moment with her exciting. Check out the accessories that will turn you into the Mommy and Baby fashion duo. 

Velvet Mommy and Me Turban Set


Our Velvet Mommy and Me Turban sets are not just about the classic soft and elegant feel of the fabric, but the knockout look itself complemented by the vibrant colors. Complete your hairstyle and outfits, and be the proud Mom for her baby with this winning set in pink, red, brown, gray, dark blue and black colors. 

Winter Caps


Here come the Winter Caps! They’re here to warm you up until the end of the season. And what could be warmer than a mother and daughter’s love for fashion and for each other! Be cozier and lovelier with a pair of winter caps for you and your little one. They’re available in maroon, grey and black. 

You might also want to have our Mommy and Me Black Hat pair that is simply pretty. No more, no less. 

Buffalo Plaid Pompom Hats



Here’s another way to warmly say, ‘I’m here for you!’ Put the hats on and tell everyone you’ll always be there for your baby with our Mommy and Me Buffalo Plaid Pompom Hats. It’s just the hat to beat the cold and remind you of the joy and fun with being together. 

Now, it’s time to open the curtain for the headbands!

Bow headbands

Share twice the good vibes and cuteness with everyone around with our Mommy and Me Bow Headbands sets! Start twinning with cute little bows in grey, purple and red with these headbands! It’s always classic and trendy with a dash cuteness. It will surely make your little girl smile and giggle when she sees you. 

Knot, Rabbit Ear and more Headbands!

Take a look at our dainty and attractive floral designs that will turn even the simplest hairstyles to head turners! These headbands are so easy and comfortable to wear and will surely stay in place, too; they’re just perfect for styling your little one. 


Do you like Knot Headbands for you and your girl? You can put on these pink lining and blue floral sets and be the looker Baby and Me! The Rabbit Ear Headbands, on the other hand, come in plaid and polka dots designs that will surely bring on more cuteness!

Our Mommy and Me sets spread double the smiles, vibrant colors, and fun! The prints that go from lovely florals to sweet plaid and polka dots are just perfect for a trendy combo. 

So, get the sets to go with your Mommy-and-Me getup, and be more than just fashionable with your lovely baby. Be the looker with your princess with our Mommy and Me collections from your Breeeazy Loveshop. Check them out now!