Go Royal with Barrettes!


Of clips and Barrettes

Securing the hair without the worry of loose strands or entangled ones that can easily get torn or broken. That’s the job of your barrettes. While a hairclip holds or pins the hair in place, a barrette is a clasp or clip that gathers and holds a bunch of strands in place and in style.

Barrette clips are usually made from metal topped with simple, flat, or ornate designs made from plastic, resin, or fabric. The barrette’s clip is secured with a clasp which can be opened by pressing the two metal pads on both sides of it. As with other kinds of clips, you can choose from a range of sizes and shapes from arched barrettes to thinner, flat ones. 

Which Barrette is good for my hair?

One good thing about barrettes is that you can find one kind that suits your hair texture. If you have fine hair, you can go for mini barrettes or flat barrettes as they are slim enough to secure your hair without slipping. However, keeping a bunch of fine hair in one place can be a little challenging for the texture can be naturally smooth and slippery. So a little help from your hairspray or texture spray before putting the barrettes on might just do the trick.   

You can make a low ponytail or a half-up half-down using a flat or a cute barette clip to hold your fine hair in place. Narrow bar-designed barrettes can also keep your style up. 

Born with thick or textured hair? No problem. Arched barrettes are suited for your hair type. An arched clip is designed to hold a chunk of that lovely mane. It has more space to hold your thick, long hair.  Why not try doing the French Pleat by clipping the thickest part of the twist with this one? Mastering this trick will not only let you hold that classic and lovely hairstyle, but it also lets you wear the most royal barrette designs. If you go for simpler hairdos, you may use rectangular, flatter barrette clips to hold smaller amounts of hair in half-up or in sections at the side.   

What styles can you rock with a Barrette? 

With the right size and shape of barrette for your hair type, it’s time to do some awesome hairdos.

Have you seen my hairstyle wearing a barrette? You can do that same low ponytail with a soft twist using one of our Royal Blue Barrettes. Add this perfectly elegant clip to a simple low bun, low ponytail, French pleat, or half-up half-down style. These styles are easy to learn and do. Whether you have fine or thick hair, these styles will always work for you. 

The Royal Blue Barrettes are your clip-on diadems with pearls, rhinestones, and floral designs. Try one on and set that hairstyle to go crazy for. It’s time to check out your choices of royal blue barrettes that will bring out the classy, elegant, and carefree you!