Get Ready for our Fall Collection!

Fall is here, and so is our Fall Collection! Let’s talk about how we can make the most of the season’s beauty by complementing it with the right hair accessories. But how will your hair give a winning performance this season? Start with the right hair care routine to undo the damage caused by the summer’s heat and prepare your hair for the drying, chilly breeze. Check out these proven and tested hair care tips, so you would get to wear and love your classy hairstyles this autumn.

Amp up your hair’s moisture!

You may have taken care of your hair’s hydration during summer with a shampoo and conditioner that work well with your hair type. But make sure to give your hair and scalp more of that moisture boost during autumn. Your hair needs to be ready for the extreme weather transition. It will surely need the extra moisturizing, to keep it manageable with the cooler fall weather. So, make the first move to keep the cold air from sapping out the moisture from your hair, making it dry, frizzy and brittle. 

Investing on hair care products? Many switch to a fall hair routine from shampoo, conditioner, serum, or hair mask to make their tresses stand out despite the crisp, cold weather. Make sure to use products that will provide moisture and protection where it is needed. On hand or leave-on anti-frizz hair oils or leave-on serums and masks can also help you say good morning to nourished, moisturized and scented hair or keep it in its place throughout the day. Don’t forget to have your instant hair fix, too, when your day gets breezy or drizzly. 

Get an autumn cut


Time to cut away the damaged and scorched tips from the summer! Cutting a few inches will also cut off the start of dryness, and can give your hair some volume and luster. You might also give your long strands a rest from ponytails because autumn is a perfect time to wear your hair down! Let it flow and rest comfortably on your shoulder with a perfect haircut. Now, brush those frizz, dryness and hair damage off, and flaunt a new look to welcome autumn. And remember to do so in style!

Keep warm in fashion! 

Whether you are protecting your hair from the harsh elements of the season, keeping warm or just waiting to strut in some of your favorite outfits, don’t forget to go in fashion with our Fall Collections. So here’s a sneak-peek of what’s coming to your collections from Breeazy Loveshop


Our Turbans and Headbands will keep you warm and covered. Brave the chilly wind with these comfortable headbands that will certainly complement the cool weather. Are you into hats this fall? Well, we’ve just got the right ones for you and your hair, too. More, hair clips and pins will be surely be in this fall, and with these, you can just stay pretty in that autumn haircut!


Aren’t you just excited? Get ready for warm, cozy moments this autumn and stay tuned for our upcoming Fall Collection!


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